Logs, Blogs and Blarney

Logs, Blogs and Blarney

Some members of the Nicholson 32 Association publish blogs and websites as a way of recording their activities. When we become aware of these, we will publish links in the ‘Clubhouse’ area of this website so that members can enjoy reading them at their own...

How fast can I go?

Fellow Nic 32 Association member and owner of ‘Onrust’ did the leg work to get an ORC (Offshore Racing Congress) Speed Guide for the Nic 32. Displayed as ‘Polar Diagrams’ it is a way of projecting the speed a boat might achieve with differing...

Discounts for members

The Association is periodically offered discounts by suppliers of goods and services. Keep an eye on the list in the ‘Clubhouse’ which we will update with new offers! And if you come across good deals or offers, do please let us know.