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There is a very active Class Association for Nicholson 32s.

It has the following aims:
▪ to share ideas and experiences relating to Nicholson 32s
▪ to keep owners in touch with each other
▪ in summary, the class events each season are:
• an Annual Dinner (incorporating the A.G.M.) held in January in London during the Boat Show fortnight
• a boat for boat class entry in the Island Sailing Club’s ‘Round the Island Race’ in June (Isle of Wight)
• a meet in France, May or June, usually in Normandy
• a meet in June, Scotland, west coast
• also in June, an East Coast Meet
• in September, an informal ‘boat on boat’ race round the buoys in the Solent + a Class Meet and Supper (following the race) in the Solent area (Cowes / Medina River)

Our publications to keep in touch are:
▪ a Spring and Autumn Newletter
▪ a high quality illustrated Annual Bulletin with class news, accounts of cruises, owners’ ideas and experiences on fittings, alterations to their boats, etc …
▪ an annual Owners List

If you wish to contact the Association to tell us where your boat is now (for the history of the fleet) or to make a technical enquiry which could be passed to a member of the committee or if you intend to buy a Nic 32, click on this link

Click here to read/download the N32 Association brochure

Click here to read the N32 Association Rules.

Frequently Asked Questions
What does it cost?

The subscription cost for annual membership of the N32 Association is £20 sterling.

How do I join?

Simply complete our online form giving details of yourself and of your vessel.

How do I pay?

You can pay for your first year’s subscription online by using PayPal or a credit/debit card. For subsequent years you can rchoose to renew online or you can set up a direct debit by contacting the Association’s Treasurer.

Do I have to already own a Nicholson 32?

Not at all! You can become a member if you want to find out more about the marque prior to purchase, and you can remain a member should you sell your vessel.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes – you can cancel your membership at any time. However, I’m afraid we do not refund subscription fees for part years.