Website News

Our website will grow and change over time.  Here we list some of the things we are working on….


  • We would like to increase the number of our Members’ boats that we can present on the world map.  As they are submitted by Members, we will add them!
  • The Association will continue to offer Members the high quality rudder shoes and straps, and we are working on a way to allow ordering ‘on-line’
  • In the ‘Clubhouse’, members can now find merchandise for sale –  items of chandlery and Nicholson 32 ‘branded’ goods with direct weblinks to the producers so that Members can order direct or through the Bosun.
  • Members sometimes have spare parts or items related to their boats that are surplus to requirement – especially when retiring from active sailing and becoming Associate Members.  We plan to create a ‘Bring and Buy’ page for such items.  Keep an eye out for it in the coming months – please contact the Webmaster in the meantime.
  • All the annual Bulletins, going back to 1972, have now been scanned and are on the site, in the ‘Clubhouse’.

We welcome any suggestions you may have!


Please email the webmaster here.