Recurring Membership Subscriptions
For Associate and Full members

Members now need an annually recurring subscription

When we built this new website, and introduced the online administration of the Nicholson 32 Association’s membership system, we created temporary memberships to run through 2020.  These expired on 9 January 2021.

The individual username and password that members created will have expired unless they renewed before the expiry date. To continue to allow access to the Members’ Only pages of the site members will need to re-apply using the links below.  Please first sign in using the username and password that you originally created, as this will pre-fill your detail in the new sign-up form. Once set, usernames cannot be changed (although the Webmaster can recover this for you).  On the other hand, only you will know your password – but you will have the opportunity to update or change your password if you forget it.

Please sign in here

If you encounter any difficulties with the sign-up process please contact us here.

Now select one of the two options below, depending on your existing membership type:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to subscribe online?

Yes, because the new membership system is managed and maintained through the website.

Is my information secure?

Yes, completely. Only you will have access to your account information and password.

How often will I have to pay?

All subsriptions, from January 2021, will be annually recurring, and paid by bank card direct from your bank to the Association’s bank, via a secure financial transaction service called ‘Stripe’.  You will receive a receipt, and will be alerted when the following year’s subscription is about to be taken, and you will also recieve a notice if your payment card has expired.  You have full control over stopping these payments, should you choose to leave the Association.  The Association is not able to alter the subscription charges without you approving the new payment as an individual member. 

What about my existing subscription payment?

Once you have signed up for the annually recurring subcription payments, you will need to cancel your previous payment method – most likely either Bank Standing Order, or Paypal. In this first year of setup, members that have paid their 2020 subcription in the last quarter of the year (and subsequently their first annually recurring subscription in January 2021) will get a re-fund of their 2020 subscription.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes – you can cancel your membership at any time. However, I’m afraid we do not refund subscription fees for part years.