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A sailing classic

About the Nicholson 32

A Brief History of the marque

The Nicholson 32 was designed in 1961/62 by Peter Nicholson. The hull was moulded and tooled by Halmatic Ltd and marketed by Camper & Nicholsons. The first boat Forerunner was commissioned in 1963 and priced at £4,900. Between 1963 and 1971 various modifications were made and described as MkI to MkVII. In 1972 the MkX was introduced with a restyled hull, improved accommodation and 3″ extra freeboard. The final modification, the MkXI, was introduced in 1977.


The Nicholson 32 was a pioneer of GRP construction, with many features which are accepted as standard today. She had adequate headroom, was lined throughout, properly ventilated with modern toilet and galley facilities and good insulation. She had a strong, well-balanced rig, carefully designed cockpit and exceptional sailing ability in all weathers. Numerous modifications were made over the years of production, but she remains, quite simply, one of the best yachts ever made.

The Nicholson 32 heralded the advent of series boat production in glassfibre and began a revolution in building techniques, most of which are common practice today.

The N32 was a development of boats like the highly successful South Coast One-Design and other proven winners designed by Charles Nicholson, such as the 9-tonner Jolina and the 12-tonner Lothian…(read more)

The Nicholson 32 Association

Benefits of Membership

Technical information

Whatever you need to know about your Nicholson 32, one of our members will have the answer. And we have a library of technical articles, drawings and images.

email forum

Our members have been exchanging emails on all things Nicholson-related since 1998. You can search the archive and read up any topic of interest.

racing and cruising

Nicholson 32s are a recognised class and have a proud tradition of competition in sailing events, including the Round-the-Island race. We also organise cruises in company for those less competitive members.

social events

With active members in many areas of the UK we organise social events both on and off the water. A highlight of the winter months is our Annual Dinner at the Naval Club in London.

A passion for classic sailing

Cherishing the Nic 32

No-one would pretend that looking after an older boat is easy, but the rewards of maintaining a beautiful and elegant craft like the Nicholson 32 are many. She is robustly constructed and capable of looking after her skipper and crew in the worst of weather. She has classic lines that make her instantly identifiable amidst the uniform features of modern sailing boats. And the experience of maintaining, renovating and enhancing her appearance is a pleasurable distraction from the pressures of modern life. Our mission is to help all Nic 32 owners get the most out of their boats.

Buy a Nicholson 32

Yachts for Sale

There are usually a number of Nicholson 32 boats for sale. Association members are able to post details of their vessels for sale by submitting information to the HonSec by email. See Members’ Pages for full details.