Full Membership - Manual Payment

Whether you joined the Nicholson 32 Association during 2020 and paid for a one-off subscription through this website, or you registered your membership using the free sign-up for our existing members, your membership expired on 9th January 2021. To continue your membership after this date please sign up for a “Full Membership – Manual Payment” by completing the form below.

This membership option is only made available to those members, or prospective members, of the Nicholson 32 Association who are unable to make online payments using the Stripe system. Later in the year we hope to offer payment using Paypal through the website, and we will offer the option to change to this once it is set up.  For now, please sign in using the username and passwork you previously set, then complete the form below and submit it. If you have forgotten your username, contact the webmaster here.  Once you have your username, you will be able to reset your password, if you cannot remember it.  Once you have completed this form, the Association Treasurer will contact you to collect payment, usually by standing order or direct debit (if you have already made your payment, the Treasurer will be able to confirm this has been received).  We will manually update your payment record to affirm your subscription has been paid manually each year so you can access the members’ areas of the website,  so long as your standing order or direct debit payment remains valid.

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